Ward/Myers Musicals

BL!NK, a musical celebrating women in STEM, follows two co-inventors of a popular dating app. It uplifts women behind the scenes in STEM, highlighting their girlhood as well as their brilliant brains. On the production side of this story, we empower other women in theatre, especially behind-the-scenes artists. BL!NK promises laughter, tears, and post-show rosé discussions, for all. 

Grace Ward, a playwright and comedic machine, draws inspiration from writers like Shonda Rhimes and Greta Gerwig. A Bestselling author of Young Adult Fiction, Ward's plays appear on stages nationwide, from The Minnesota Fringe Festival to Connective Theatre and more. She revels in crafting protagonists who cuss as much as they cry. 

Elke Myers, an actor with a BFA in Musical Theatre Performance from Nebraska Wesleyan University, transitioned to writing musical theatre at Grace's urging. With her traditional musical theatre background, Myers adds elegance to Ward's spirited narratives. Her prowess in song structure and musical theory enriches BL!NK's raunchy lyrics, favoring melodic storytelling over loud belting. 

BL!NK will premiere in Boise, Idaho with Haute Nautilus Theatre, then workshop in New York City with Fishmarket Theatre Co. BL!NK's target audience includes musical theatre lovers seeking stories that resonate with diverse experiences. Appealing to those interested in the intersection of women's empowerment and STEM fields, BL!NK fosters a space for discussions on gender equality, career ambitions, and universal challenges faced by women.